Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wausau24 Mtn. Bike Race

Met a couple buddies I met through mtn. biking this weekend for a local race, Wausau24. Al and Paul. They brought their cousin Danno. 2, 2 man 12hr teams....old guys against the young bucks, pretty evenly matched, but the old guys, Al and I finished ahead. A little over 4 hrs. into it a nasty storm came through. Due to lightning, the race was stopped and put in "rain delay" mode. About 2 hrs. later they fired back up, omitting a mile or so of the 10.7 mile course due to excessive mud. Had a great time with the guys. This was my first race this year and probably my last as well, too many conflicts.

 Never got a picture of Paul....

After lap #1. My Keens. Really like 'em. Look kinda bent....seem to "ride" ok, though.
 One of my jerseys.
 After the race....
 Gave out free pint mugs along with the free beer and pizza at 10 pm, after the 12 hr. race. A couple left over brats.

 Yours truly, shot taken by a company on-site. 2nd lap, before the rains hit.

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