Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heading West to CO. July, 2011.

Started out from central WI to CO. Heading west on I90, then to I35 south, then I80 West. Sunny and warm starting out, turned to rain and warm in MN and IA.
 Due to MN not passing a budget, they closed down all waysides (and State Parks). Real classy move, and so transparent. Maybe we do need to revolt. These politicians over-spend to the point of complete idiocy, promising the moon to everyone to get elected then spending like there is no tomorrow to keep getting elected, then POOF! there's no money left. The answer is to raise taxes, right? Not in my book, quite buying the office. Oh well, it's vacation!!

XM is great on the bike.

Kinda gave up on a ride due the rain, then got into Des Moines. Things were looking good so popped out the iPhone and got the Trailfu app up and the only trail in town was a mile away with the exit right in front of me. Got a nice 45 minute ride.
Greenwood Park, nice way to breakup the drive. Who would have thought it in Des Moines?

Got back on the cycle by 7:15 or so and listened on XM Radio to Bosox squeak one out over Toronto.

Then after passing on a $60 Super8 and $22 KOA drove 40 more minute till midnight to Lincoln to find a $34 motel. Listening to the weather after getting the room, there were thunderstorms predicted overnight... glad I passed on the campground.

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