Monday, July 18, 2011

Williams Fork River, CO.

Williams Fork, out of Craig, served as our river of choice due to high water on the Yampa. This was fine, as it provided some great attention-grabbing paddling. Super twisty and fast. Had to sneak around every corner to see what's there. Too many strainers to just speed down it. All told, we did about 40-50 miles on this river on 3 different days. We had to talk to land owners to get permission to put on and take off....cost us a case of Bud Light to one land owner.
Tom and Mac, in the canoe, after a high start, had to abort and come down to calmer water. It was quote amazing they got as far as they did, though. Had to walk out and ask permission from the same ranch to take out that wouldn't let us put in when asked yesterday....well, we tried to do the right thing. One would have wished they would have told us about the barbed wire across the river on their land, though....luckily I noticed it before the other 2 kayaks and myself got tangled in it. 

Tom, met him a number of years ago when I was looking for a kayak to race with. He let me use his Prijon Kodiak. Been friends since.

Josh, Tom's son. He came on our Canadian trip last year, during record low water this year with record high water levels. Good kid.
 This was a raging torrent of water a couple weeks ago, but the water is receding fast.

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