Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arrowhead, the real Countdown

Well, got all my gear packed in the Heep, waxed 3 pair of skis and have enough food packed to feed a small family for a few days seeking residence working their way across our southern border.
 I'll be driving up to Cook, MN about a 7 hr. drive tomorrow. Hopefully will arrive in time to check over the last hill/obstacle before the final 20 miles or so mad dash on the flats to Fortune Bay in Tower, MN and the finish line, 135 miles from the start in International Falls, MN.
Luckily, the northland got a decent dump of snow earlier this week, so there will be snow. How setup and ski-able it'll be is a crap shoot.
Saturday is check-in and more reconnaissance of the trail at different key locations. Logging operations on the trail need a look see to check out what skiing conditions will be like. A couple stops along the way just to see general trail/snow/grooming conditions.
Then, finally Sunday, which will determine the weapon I pick from the arsenal to strap to my feet to take off in the sub-zero temps that are in the forecast for early Monday morning. Ski options are:
- Short, stiff skis if the trail width is constricted due to deep snow on the edges but packed hard enough to stay buoyant (I weight 205-210 lbs. then add 20-25 lbs of gear).
- Normal length stiff skis if everything is "normal".
- Normal length rock skis, if the trail is tore up due to snowmobiles or just a lack of snow.


rideonpurpose said...

Good luck! I'll be following along.

mark scotch said...

thanks, Drew!