Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arrowhead, the real Countdown.....T-minus 1 day and counting

Today, Sunday was quite uneventful. Heard about a pancake breakfast down at the local Catholic Church, so went and checked that out. Ran into a couple folks I know from the papermill in town, a guy that is doing the bike race tomorrow, some folks from WI and a few locals...all very friendly and encouraging.
Went out for 30 minute ski on part of the was pretty rough, but indications from the trail crews that marked the trail are that conditions should be pretty good overall's that word "considering" that has me a little concerned.
Temps were in the single digits today with a forecast for the start of the race at 7 AM at 12 degrees coming up from a low of 6....I'm anal about this as I need to predict snow temps to try to wax my skis accordingly. Going with the Swix LFG4 for temps between 14F/-26. Low Fluorocarbon for good endurance and glide a very hard wax for cold conditions and the graphite works well for old or dirty snow. Seems to fit the description of what I'll be starting with.

I should hit the first checkpoint 35 miles out within 6 hours so at that time I can reassess temps and re-wax.
Had a good racers meeting, won some handle bar mitts for winter riding, for a road bike, so I gave them away to a friend as I don't own a road bike. The sponsors of the race were very generous, frames, forks, locally made winter mitts and tons more...check it out!
So far it's been a real smooth affair. Race is very well organized and everyone even remotely involved is very friendly.
Last post till after the end of the race....sometime.

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