Friday, January 27, 2012

Arrowhead, the real Countdown.....T-minus 3 days and counting

Friday late afternoon got to check point 3 just north of Cook, MN and took a reconnaissance night ski up Wakemup Hill, a fairly steep, long slog. Wakemup Hill is the last obstacle before the last 27.5 mile flat run-out to the finish. Hill wasn't too bad, but I'll hold my final opinion until after getting there with 110 miles under my belt.
Snow depth on the trail was decent, 3" of new snow today in the Cook area for 7-8" total....maybe. Northern lights visible for 15 minutes right after sun set.

Skied about an hr. Once the sun went down temps started dropping fast.....but only in the swamps/low areas. I could tell a difference in my glide and actual body temp, I'd guess 10 degree difference in 50-60 feet/6-8 foot elevation differences. Snow condition was good, but dirty. I'm leaning towards my rock skis....if I used a good pair I think I'd end up with 2 sets of rock skis.
Vapor below was just from my breathing, kinda gives it an eerie effect.

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