Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miami Beach Bike Paths

Ok, so after my rant of yesterday I have to back-pedal (no bike bun intended). I investigated further the possibilities of riding north from 43rd Street where my motel was, to 163rd, where the bridge to Oleta River State Park is.
After spending a few minutes on Google Maps, I saw there was an entry to the beach surface road in the 53rd block and was able to ride all the way to Bal Harbour Park, 9000 block, where I had to get on the road to cross a bridge, then was able to pop back down into Haulover Park to get almost to 163rd.
A most enjoyable ride.
Got to watch some early morning fishermen on the Pier at Bal Harbor Park.

 Snapped this just before it nailed me...and my iphone and backpack, as I turned.

 Some kind of trash fish.
Crossing the bridge at Bal Harbour Park into Haulover Park.

Taken from the parking lot of the Win-Dixie just before Oleta Park where I picked up my fruit plate breakfast. My bees would enjoy them, I'll bet.

In the Park. It's basically a coral based trail. Lots of loose coral...and many roots.
Brandon at Blue Moon was great....just moved down from Baltimore.

 Some cool features.
Great ride, especially for the location to Miami Beach. At Blue Moon they threw on SPD pedals for me as I had brought my Keen SPD sandals. The bike was in very good condition (although the headset was loose) and that made all the difference. Total confidence in it. Keep plenty of air in the tires (they shove 45 psi into the rentals) lots of roots, have I mentioned that already? It wet, it could be a much tougher ride.
Found myself lost in the moment in the singletrack as one had to pay attention on the black and even the blue trails....then when popping out to see the skyscrapers so close by, one got jolted back to where one was. A great way to clear the mind....while still just minutes away from the craziness of the cars and people just minutes away.

Area 51, Gilligan, Stairway to Heaven, Gates of Delirium, etc.  is a black diamond cluster. Mostly due to some short steep drops, natural and man-made. Not too difficult if you don't use your brakes, keep your weight back and your speed up. A little lift on the bars once in awhile helps.
Map of trails.

View from my motel.

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