Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Riding Miami Beach

Was riding some singletrack today (one of the features, not me although I did ride it) in north Miami Beach, Oleta Park, then rode the rental bike to my motel, about 6 miles at 4PM...traffic was hectic. A local bus basically cut me off against the curb sliding into his/her stop...I figured I could take a hint so got up on the sidewalk...after 20-30 blocks a cop stopped me and asked me why I was on the sidewalk when bikes aren't allowed on them. Told him a bus almost ran me over. He said he knows the buses are a little aggressive. I told him I'd rather have him bitch at me than become a grease spot. I guess I could have taken a whole lane and risked getting shot by someone, didn't say that to the cop, though.
If there is any place I've ever been, Miami Beach should be car-less. It's a spit of land 13 miles long and about .5 mile wide on average
Buses or trollies going up and down the length would be enough...and even have golf carts available for folks that can't get along very well at stops if they need to go any distance.
1 block off the moving parking lot and the beach was peaceful, the streets could be too, I'd think, not mention how much better all the people might feel, as well.
This would seem better than what I witnessed today, bumper to bumper, aggressive driving, and all the frustration that was out there. Very few bikes and not bike friendly.
But, back to the singletrack. The young man running Blue Moon rental was great and allowed me a 24 hr. over night rental so I could ride in the evening and then again in the AM.

 Part of the way back to my motel ran close to the Atlantic beach.

  Snuck a foreign stranger into my room last night, hope my wife doesn't find out!

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