Saturday, March 17, 2012

Little Wolf River Kayak

Unseasonably warm weather...79 degrees, 40 above our average this time of year. What to do?? Kayak, of course. Rivers running high with the run-off, but not crazy high.
Called Tom and his son Josh to come out and play, Josh could make, Tom had to work. We got on the river at around 6PM, off at 7:30 with not a minute to spare before it got dark.
Should have brought my go-pro camera for some shots on the rapids.
 Ice shelf.

 Josh dressed for air temps, not the water. A huge difference. Got water in the chest from a few rollers, got all whiny about being cold!!!   ;-)

 The last rapids...called The Dells. I wanted to get Josh coming through, but by the time he got back up to his yak after we scouted it, it was too dark.


Matt Maxwell said...

Is this the same Wolf River that flows through Langlade? I used to go up and kayak that when I was in college. We would put in at the Boy Scout camp and take out at a restaurant by [somebody]'s Mistake rapid.

mark scotch said...

oops, actually, it's the Little Wolf River. I know where you're talking, though. I've been on the Wolf only once. Went through the section you're talking about.