Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand Island, Munising, MI

After friend Tom and I decided to postpone our river kayak trip on the Peshtigo River, I figured I should do something with the kayak, after all I was in Munising, MI which is right on Lake Superior.
I had been wanting to see what the biking was like on Grand Island, for a few years, so I combined both....
About a mile total in kayaking (out and back) and a little over 20 miles biking to circumvent the island with lots of opportunity for pictures.
Pictures from the day.

Getting the bike on the yak. First time I tried this, it went well. Glad I had 3 bungees in the jeep. But, not a big surprise on BIL said years ago I could live out of it what with all the crap I have in it usually.

Lake Superior temps are in the high 40's right now in Munising from what the National Park Service person told me...if you dump, you better get out pretty quick or it's all over. Had my farmer John wet suit on as a time buyer just in case. The waves were small although the tire broke a few that came over the front. Biggest concern was I had to cut them at a 90 degree angle, but the Prijon Yukon Expedition is a very stable boat. It's not a skinny sea kayak. I don't think I've ever heard a bad review on this boat. Only recommendation I'd make it to make sure it has a rudder. Makes things a ton easier, especially fishing from it!
 Grand Island beach. this where Gary Fisher got the material for my Paragon frame? Windswept White Birch.

Where's that fat-bike when you need it?? ;-) I just pushed the 2.3's into the sand it stood all by its self. The trail follows the edge of the island, so there is a fair amount of up and down....stretches of packed dirt mixed in with some fall line wet loose sand, mud and rocks. Anyone that does singletrack won't have a problem...but causal paved bike path riders will have to broaden their skill set.

Recognize this shot? As soon as I saw this page in the Grand Island website I knew it looked familiar.
 Island was logged off in the late 1800's...a few big ones still out there, though.
 Cemetery on the island. Still used by the family that originally owned it. States there are a few unknown sailors in it that had washed up on the island way back when.

 Sea cave.

 Veins of different rock or scouring from the glaciers?

 90% of the trail is under a canopy. Which keeps it wet with no direct sun.
 The End....kinda....hummmm what about a kayak/bike combo trip?


Matt Maxwell said...

I paddled a Yukon on the Black River a few years ago. Great river boat, not such a great lake boat. Haven't been up to Munising for about 20 years, but I remember loving it, my first taste of the big lake. And remember the fastest way to get un-capsized is to roll!

mark scotch said...

what's your beef with it on a lake? my experience with it is great. I like it much better than the skinny sea kayaks in big water. If it takes a bit longer to get from A to B I'll make the trade.
I guess I need to practice my roll with a 29er lashed on!

Matt Maxwell said...

I guess I just like speedy boats, but my roll does get some practice. Never with a 29er on board though!