Thursday, June 28, 2012

1902 Crawford

Well, I pulled the trigger and invested in a vintage bike. I first looked at it last summer. A work friend from 25 years ago came back into my life last year and in passing he said he and his brother had an old bike their dad had salvaged from the Virginia, MN dump back in the 60's.

They've been sharing storage duties for it since then, occasionally riding it in parades when it was still ride able.
I'm pretty excited to get it cleaned up and back on the road.
My plan is to use it in a parade or 2 myself maybe and to also allow different bike shops that want to display it keep it for a period of time. I have a few friends that want to show it off, as well, so will allow them to house it.

Updates will appear as I work with it.
One of the coolest things about the bike is that it's shaft drive.
I need tires to start with. Single tube.

Friend Tony

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