Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guacamole Mountain Bike Trail, UT.

Last ride near Zion. Guacamole Trail...aka "Gooseberry Lite". Lots of exposed slickrock with a neat lead-out over looking the valley below. 7.5 mile ride.
Lynn rode up in the car with me and decided to hang out for the hour I expected to be gone.
Double that time....I'm not really sure how I found my way out. Guide says if self guided figure 3 hrs.
Main thing on this trail, give yourself plenty of time and don't start out too late in the day and get caught out there in the dark.

Drove a marginal road to the top of the Mesa in the rental car. Back seat of the Focus folds down, so the trunk had plenty of room combined with the backseat to stow the bike.

Rented a nice TREK from Zion Cycles.

See the trial ahead? Yeah, it's a searching game on this ride. Looking out toward Zion Park.
Up close.....
Farther away........
This cinder cone was the only thing that kept me straight. Luckily a guy at Over The Edge the day before told me keep note of it as a landmark. With it being around noon the sun was pretty much over head so using it as a compass was difficult.
This stack of rocks is the divider where the loop starts/ends. Funny thing, I never saw it on the way out. I picked up the "loop" somewhere off the lead-out but ended up here about the time I started thinking "how am I going to know where to head back on the lead-out trail?" Well, this was the place. There were many small loops leading off the main trail but they all eventually lead back to the main tread. Carins marked the way on the slickrock.
This is Fred that runs Zion Cycles in the town of Springdale, the last town before Zion. Come to find out that Fred had sold the Gary Fisher HiFo PRO that was broke at Blue Diamond. The guy had just walked out of the shop when I came in. Further, Fred is from WI and lived in the same area I currently live and we know some of the same folks in the biking community. He's been here 9 years or so. Small world sometimes.

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