Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zion Park, UT.

Zion Park. Not much to say other than what the photos can hopefully relay. Very interesting Park.

Under a small waterfalls that allows for a hanging garden.

I was laying on the ground to get the angle of this shot.

They don't allow cars in the Park anymore, just too much congestion. The bus tour goes up the canyon about 10 miles and makes a number of stops. One can hike some short trails at the stops or just enjoy the views. Buses run every 6-8 minutes. Eventually, the canyon becomes too narrow for a road where a mile long hiking path has been built to continue on.

The canyon then becomes too narrow for even a hiking path so to continue on one has to walk in the stream bed. This becomes what is called The Narrows.

It was getting later in the day. The sun couldn't reach the canyon floor much anymore but it was hitting the tall peak in the background with full force. My camera was having a real tough time focusing as it couldn't deal with the contrast.

There is anther entry point on the East side where a mile long tunnel has been cut into the mountain. This was taken in the road up to the tunnel.

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