Sunday, October 31, 2010

JEM, Goulds Trail, Hurricane Loop, Trails..all in one. UT Mountain Bike Ride

Rode the J.E.M. trail that includes a few trails that make up a 24 mile loop. Starting off at the most northern Parking lot then turning right on to the Hurricane Rim trail doing the loop counterclock-wise was the recommended route. This allows one to finish on the JEM going downhill for the fast, furious, finish.

Rented a nice FELT from Over The Edge rental in Hurricane.
Hurricane Rim/Cliffs trail. At some points VERY close to the edge.
While stopped looking at the map, Lam from Central Idaho, peddled up to me and we rode for 6 miles together after making introductions.

At the high point of the Hurricane Cliffs Rim trail Lam turned around and headed back. He had started at the town of Virgin, so had a number of miles in before we met just past the trailhead. I continued on down and around the canyon head. Lam can be seen as the tiny speck on the horizon line. Click on pic to enlarge.
Looking down into the towns of Hurricane and La Verkin.

The start of the Goulds Trail.
Which leads to the Goulds Rim Trail.
Met this family earlier in the ride. They were doing it clock-wise. 2 young boys about ages 10-11 or so. One was pushing a 29er. Good riders from what I could tell.
Gooseberry Mesa in the background. Another Epic ride in the area. I rode it back in 2008 as part of big western trip. It's a slickrock ride.
Goulds Rim.

Start of the actual J.E.M. section.

Met Katie and DJ from Park City, UT on the only section I actually walked on purpose. They were coming up the tight, steep, switchback and I was going down it. I rode most of the 50 yards but backed off on the last switchback. Price for failure was too high.
Didn't take any pics after this, the trail was too fast and fun to stop. Cruising through the high desert at about 15-20 mph for 5-6 miles.

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