Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend in MN

Busy weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Lynn and I went to brother/sister in law's house with Grandson, Jason.
Jason checking out Great Aunt Sue's Halloween decorations and the house in general.

Morning ride around Lake Zumbra, where Sue and Tom live.

After ride took in a few innings with Chris pitching....looks like a forkball. Click on it for closer look.
Chris and Helen after Twin Cities Marathon where they "unofficially" paced. They finished a couple minutes before their pace time.
Jason with his God Father.

While Chris and Helen re-cooped and visited with friends, Jason made some new friends and shared his Animal Crackers.
Checking out a bike....won't be long.

On the steps of the Capital, where the Marathon finished.
Humm....checking out a bus.
Jason decided to hang out with a family from Texas. The Dad did the Marathon, Mother did the 10k and oldest son ran with his father for the last few miles.
Jason was partial to the youngest son.

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mark said...

loving the bulldog in the pics