Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mountain Bike Ride in Nevada

Traveled to Las Vegas, NV for middle son Nick's 30th birthday. His wife Traci is throwing a party for him later in the week.
Got some riding in at Blue Diamond, southwest of Las Vegas with Nick and friend Dave. Dave is from WI but now lives in Vegas. Pulled into the parking lot and saw the following, a Gary Fisher HiFi Pro. Looks similar to what mine looked liked a couple years ago. Link to Post.

Son Nick. Captain in the USAF stationed in Las Vegas.
Dave getting his bike ready to go.

Dave...met Dave on a MTB forum a few years ago. We rode the same trails back in 2008 when I made a trip out to Vegas when Nick became a Captain.

The 3 Amigos!
Nick and I.
My old Raleigh M80 that I gave Nick.
Out on the trail! It was Halloween after all.
Dave striking a pose.
My turn.

Wild burros grazing on the Blue Diamond HS Football field. Rented a bike and one of the "rules" was no feeding of the burros. Seems folks sit in their cars and feed them out the windows. Only thing is, they don't look both ways when crossing the roads and are getting hit by cars coming for easy grub.

A "tree" in the desert...a radio tower "spruced" up.

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