Monday, March 14, 2011

Alaska Mountain Biking, 2009

I went 20 miles north of Denali Park east of Healy and biked on what I think is Alaskan single track...ATV trails.
Heading for the grassy ridge on the right.

The top of the grassy ridge.

This is all near where a young man tried to get Into the Wild but died trying.

Put in about 3 hrs. which included a good hike-a-bike to the top of the ridge. The wind was blowing 30-40 mph up there, so didn't stay there long.

Started out from the far tip of Otto Lake. View from the top of grassy ridge.

After the ride found a restaurant that served a good local beer and also Alaskan Sea Scallops....yum, yum!
Saw this in the restaurant, a painting of Mckinley under a full moon.

After lunch we got on the coach for a 4 hr. ride to Anchorage. Got to see some neat mountains near Wasila and Anchorage.
Didn't see Sarah anywhere!

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