Friday, March 18, 2011

Wildwood, Florence, AL

Rough trail with a lot of potential. Too many fall line sections and too many rogue branch trails? IMBA needs to spend some time here to get it all straightened out. Wildwood will become Tamewod?

But, as I like balance in my life, I like the rogue trail spurs. Dive off to the right or left off the main trail and let's see where that branch dumps me out and what the trail is like getting there. In some ways the predictable is just a little boring to do every day all day.
I like that there are raw trail such as Wildwood. Brings one back to basics, to the early days and new, immature trails, waiting to be sophisticated.
Good on you guys down there at Wildwood, ride on and enjoy it till such time the trail is flattened out and the grunt and grind is replaced with the fly and flow.
I'm stuck in the middle.....I like both extremes. Does that make sense?

Much steeper than it looks.


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