Monday, March 14, 2011

Lake Glendale, IL

At the southern tip of IL sits the Shawnee National Forest. It's only about 10-15 miles off the Interstate, so again, with the help of the iPhone and Trailfu, I found the trial...kinda. I was able to find the lake loop easily, but wasn't really aware of where the land trail was. Veered off the trial about half way around the lake and rode a mile or so on a trail that could have been part of the non-lake singletrack trail. In any case, not spending more than an hour or so here allowed me to get an afternoon ride in KY later on in the day.
If I have time and come back to WI taking this route, I may try to pickup the second half of the trail.
Easy riding around the lake, curious what the rest of the trail has to offer.

A few minor water crossings. This was probably the most TTF (technical trail feature).

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