Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birmingham, AL

Had a really good ride just south of Birmingham, AL. Oak Mountain Park.
IBMA Epic Ride. Classic side hill rolling trail that is very doable. Some really nice long climbs but if an old coot like me can do them....
One of the features out on the newest section of the trail. Between #4 and 5 there is a branch trail up the hill, take it....good technical riding but 99.9% doable. With a little more trial knowledge for sure it's doable. I did NOT try this...not in my pay grade.

Pics are of the the section called Blood Rock, the most technical section. Rode part of it downhill, walked uphill. It's only about 30-40 yards.

Spring time in KY, over the weekend.
Taken over the weekend, Sunday morning. I kinda like it when I'm either the first guy out of the motel parking lot or the last guy....

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