Monday, March 14, 2011

Land Between the Lakes, Jenny Ridge

Spring time in KY.
Jenny Ridge and North/South Trail on Land Between the Lakes.
I started out on Jenny Ridge 9 mile loop, but somewhere along the line got on the 25 mile point to point North/South trail. Luckily, I read enough in TrailFu to know that I needed to bail on the N/S trail. I just started picking my way east and after an "extra" hour of riding (how can it be extra really, it's all good!) I popped out only a shirt distance from the Jeep.
Very fun riding trial. Would recommend.

Many of bridges out in the low land. At one point, riding along about 100 feet from the lake, I noticed a lot of trash laying on the ground. Lots of plastic jugs and such. Then I started to see funny kind of tree line...what is similar to a browse line from deer and moose and how they can only reach so high when feeding. Then it came to me...the lake was about 6-8 feet higher and caused the funny tree line and all the trash was the shore line where everything was deposited. Interesting....
There are a number or old cemeteries on the LBL, a few it seems out in the middle of nowhere.
More burls!!

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