Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gnome-Fest VI

Took BOB and the HiFI to the shenanigans at Levis-Trow Mounds.

An interesting spot along the way.
Paul at the overlook, Friday afternoon.
Matt, Paul, Chris and Russ.
yeah, we peddled up from the bottom.
Paul and I changed places. Russ, Chris and Matt (Zilly) and me.
The Saturday "activity" was reading a map to find stickers then going to a related checkpoint for verification and an activity . The 5 of us started out together but we soon got separated. Paul and I took off. Check point activities included riding a midget bike.

dropping rings on cones while riding a Pugsley, a stop with 3 judges that you had to show some kind of talent....while Paul and I waited our turn at this check point a gal showed hers!!! (no cameras allowed) chugging your water bottle full of booze counted as talent?...which Paul did.
Another check point, had to bike to the top of the bluff then scramble to the top of the ledge and high 5 the guy. We stopped for pics.Paul and I making the last check point.
He got there seconds ahead of me, so he had take a sip while I had to slam a beer handed to us from Bat Girl after torquing through the singletrack to make the timing deadline.
Nurse Nancy was there in case any medical attention was, er..needed, I guess.
2 hrs. of race pace riding up, down and all around Levis-Trow with some quirks thrown in. fun!
Filled card on the checkpoint hunt. Paul and I got them all and in the allotted time, but we didn't place. Still, a fun 2 hours of riding and plotting.
Derby time....
A number of "derby's" were thrown in over the weekend. Basically, everyone rides around in a slow moving circle. As folks lose their balance, they place a foot down, the last person not to dab wins. The circle gets tighter and tighter as folks drop out and those with the best slow moving bike skills win.

Chris from Point in a couple shots.
Nate from Madison club. Matt on the left in white from Stevens Point.
Kevin (red helmet) from Madison Club and Nate. Think Kevin got 3rd place.
Russ from Appleton.Saturday night midget bike race.

The girls got into it, too.

Along with hanging out with old friends, got to meet a lot of new riders and to get to know some better that I had met briefly before.
We bike 6-7 hrs and rode 50 -55 miles of singletrack over the weekend, including a nice 1 hr. night ride Friday.

Even had a biathalon, had to ride a 5 minute lap, shoot 3 times, standing, sitting and kneeling, ride another lap, and shoot again. We ran out of time, but Nate and Kevin did real well.

And to top it off, a couple renewed their wedding vows for their 10th anniversary. Bubbles and all.
Rode through the self proclaimed "Bicycling Capital of America" on the way home. Seems a little bit of a stretch.
You can catch a glimpse of the "big wheel" below.

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