Sunday, September 20, 2009

Madison Urban Assault Ride

Took the salsa out for a spin today. 3 hr, 30 mile tour around Madison. Cruised through the Arboretum and took a look see at the new bike bridge on the south side of town, actually in the Town of Fitchburg crossing Fish Hatchery Road.

Being a biker, I like the bridge. Being a tight wad and somewhat, I hope, an open minded person, I wonder why the bridge?
It crosses right over where a set of lights that allow for safe crossing of the street.
If local taxes were used, I have no problem with it as local folks get the benefit of it. If state or federal taxes were used, I don't think it was money spent responsibly nor being accountable for other peoples taxes.
After digging deeper on the 'net, it appears it was a local decision by the City of Fitchburg to build the bridge, so I would assume no state or national funds were used. Hurray for local actions and not looking for hand outs.

"The Fitchburg City Council has approved a $1 million pedestrian overpass connecting the Capital City Trail over Fish Hatchery Road to Highway PD. The bridge will span some 200 feet long and provide a 12 foot width for pedestrian and bicycling traffic." link

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