Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motorcycling Wisconsin

Some sights and scenes from Labor Day Weekend.
Heading down the road.
Gotta be careful!

This picture was actually taken out west in CO, but it's a nice pic of the bike so wanted to use it.
Had to stop and see the grandson. Lynn with a little helmet hair.
Had a great dinner as the sun was setting and the moon was rising.

Next morning:
Taken from the Cathedral of the Pines near Lakewood/Townsend, WI
Taken from WIKI:
The Lakewood area was known for its virgin timber and pristine nature, but aggressive logging and clear-cutting significantly changed the face of the area. The Holt and Balcolm logging company set aside one tract of land in which they did not cut the original growth. This area, called the "Cathedral of Pines", was preserved as a result of the efforts of Lucy Rumsey Holt who influenced her husband, logger W.A. Holt, to leave it as virgin timber. Mrs. Holt used this area to teach Bible studies to her children and did not want the area disturbed. This 200 to 400 white pine and balsam old growth stand is also home to a blue heron rookery.[3]

Stopped in Wabeno, WI at a small local museum. Some interesting items.
Old pair of caulk boots (pronounced corks)
The original "Chucky?"Ah! Was wondering where I put my cap!Early 1900's.Lynn with Larry the Log Roller, outside the museum in Wabeno.

Stopped off in WI's premier tourist town, Minocqua, for some refreshment and lunch.

Spent the night in Bayfield, WI where relatives have a vacation house. Our son from MPLS rode his bike up and spent the night, as well.

Trying to re-establish an Elk herd in WI

Took county roads almost all the way up to Bayfield and back to Madison, some 800-900 miles
over the 3 day weekend. Good time spent with Lynn and family.

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