Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PBST mtb race

(Pitch Black Singletrack) PBST race was a great time.
Click here for a link to the race. (toss an "a" in there and ya got the mountain bikers favorite beer PaBST) Part of the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series Race (WEMS).

This was the start, timing and transition area. Heathers Bar is in the background. Cheers (and jeers) from the local bar crowd was a neat part of the race.
Pits getting setup.
I raced the x-gon and rode BOB (bike on bike) to the race. The 20 mile full moon ride home at 12:03 was a cool way to end the evening of "bike" riding.

Dino is back!

It was a Lemans mass start of 30-40 or so with 3 hr solo, 6 and 12 hr solos and teams all taking off together.
The serious racers up front, the not so serious take places behind them. It went off without an hitch. I signed up for the 3 hr. solo race.
Took 10 minutes on my last lap out at the far twinkie/pabst outpost to down a cool one.
Coming in on one of my laps. Turned off my light when in the transition area so as not to blind the timers.
A pic from out on the trail.
Part of the fun was being able to ride a couple laps matched up with a local friend as we yo-yoed positions .

OK, what's happening here?

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