Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alamogordo town ride.

Just a little town ride after my wife and I joined our son, stationed here at Holloman AFB, at the Museum of Space History and a tour of the base. We also learned that one of the heroes of the 49th Air Wing at the base is Richard (Dick) Bong. Major Bong was born and raised in the small northern Wisconsin town of Poplar and someone that I've known about for decades.
Major Bong was the United States's highest scoring ace of downed enemy planes in WWII at 40.

Took off on the bike to just do some exploring southwest of town towards Lincoln National Forest and the start of the Sacramento Mountains which are at the edge of town.

I spotted the big A looming over the town and made my way towards it. Found one of the local trails which is primarily for hiking, T119 called the "A" trail for obvious reasons. I rode the bike as high as I could then walked the remaining exposed bedrock to get to the top of the A.


I then got back on the city street, Scenic Drive, and continued south to a road that showed up on my map heading east into the mountains further, T104. It lead back to nice trail, again mainly for hiking but a mtn. bike can be ran pretty much on the first mile or so...that's all the time I had to explore on it.

 Some company.


 That's not a road or path that leads to the left but a wash-out from the heavy run-off that can sweeping down from the effect a dry river bed.

Not the path...small dry water run-off chute.

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