Monday, April 29, 2013

BALLS VI, 2013

BALLS VI in the books. 45 new and old friends in165 miles in 2 days, campfire and some great #1 brew  #2 (s) in between along with an unbelievable support crew that fed us till we were ready to burst.

Best weather we've ever had, the rookies got a break.

Regrouping, Dodgeville.

Contrast of tire choices and everything in between.

Dodgeville rollout.

The Mayor speaks and comments from a rookie.

Russ and I broke out from the group and easily caught one of the leaders.....

My feminine side revealing its self.

A little blurring after slogging through the Cheese Country trail.....but got back on track quickly after......

...the infamous Combination: Limburger Cheese, Braunswchweiger (liver sausage to some) and raw onion on rye.

Randy found a new best friend after his shot of petrone.....

Butch found a challenge after his shot.......

And Mike, well he finally found something,too (right Heidi?)

Butch seemed a bit insecure, had to get a compass to find his way back to the trail!

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