Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mill Creek 2013

Nice day for float down a local stream. Water dropped about 18" from 2 days ago which is common for this stream to fluctuate that much. Still, the weather today was a ton better than what 2 days ago had to offer
Only about a 6 mile paddle, used my bike as a shuttle. A beer at the end is a nice touch, even has a real wood fireplace to warm up in front of. Total time from my house and back, less than 2 hours. Thankful all of this is so close to my doorstep.

Signs of the spring break up when water levels were much higher.

 Double sentinals. One kept in front of me for a mile or so. Wish I had a better camera than my small 4/5 year old water/shock proof Olympus Stylus 790 SW, but still captures the memories if the quality isn't that great.


In action.

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