Monday, April 22, 2013

Group ride with Nick, NM 2013

One of my last rides was with son Nick who is stationed at Holloman AFB...we had a day planned to ride the Rim Trail south out of Cloudcroft for 13 miles, then jump on the Sunspot hwy for another 10 or so to the National Soar Observatory.

After a breakfast with our wives at Knuckweed Place, (which was great by the way) we continued on our way up La Luz canyon road to Cloudcfoft. We got almost to the top, about 7 miles from Cloudcroft, and we got a flat on his Jeep. No prob, except the lock for his lug nuts was not to be found. No prob again, as we had both our bikes in the jeep. We merely got them out, got dressed, told the wives to take care and not drink all the Jack Daniels and took off down the mountain. It was the same route I took a few days before on my return from Cloudcroft but today there was a much better view and with Nick, more fun.

Heading down with the White Sands Monument in the background.

A couple miles from the house, Nick called a buddy to meet us at his house and take us back up. We didn't want to take his 2nd vehicle and have to to deal with 2 all weekend.

Once we got the tire changed we got up to Cloudcroft in plenty of time to do the singletrack loop. It was difficult and as Nick isn't a rider and he worked his butt off but he's a good sport and we make it well before dark and the gals hadn't even gotten to the bottom their first beers after shopping all afternoon.

Had some dinner in town and checked out the Lodge with some desert. Cool place, next time we visit might stay here a night or two.
The next morning I got up early, had some breakfast and did most of the loop of singletrack again, like I did on Monday, and biked down La Luz canyon road for the 3rd time that week. 20 miles of rippin'!

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