Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three Rivers Petroglphs Site

Wednesday of our vacation decided to bike the 30 miles north to the Three Rivers Petroglphs site from Alamogordo, NM.
I left an hour later than planned and spent way too much time the first 10 miles taking pics and posting on bottom line, although I got up to the entrance to the site, I had to turn around after a coke and and a snickers to make it back to town for other plans with my wife, son and DIL. Put in about 70 miles. Something to do the next time we visit.
It was still a fun ride. I was able to ride within 3-4 mils of the site entrance by utilizing the railroad right of way on the way north (another reason my time ran short as speed wasn't as fast as pavement) but had to make time and ride the pavement on the shoulder on the way back.

RR Right of way north of Alamogordo.
 Local danger!

Drainage ditches...hence the flood warning. Flashfoods, rain, mountain melt-off, etc.

Pictures of Sierra Blanca...had a bit of cold weather the day before and it snowed up there. My camera isn't good enough to do it justice.

More RR right of way.

Getting around the some of the drainage ditches.

It wasn't gypsum, it was snow.....just like my son told me the day before.

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