Sunday, April 21, 2013

South Baldy, Socorro, NM

A ride years in the making.
I first "met" Barin in the now defunct forums of Dirt Rag Magazine. Although a few years younger than me, he was in the biking scene way before me in Sliver City, NM where he grew up as Mimbres Man...circa 1994.

Took a road bike from Mexico to Canada in the early 80's then got into mountain biking, starting a line of mtn. bike clothes, (cool logo)

dropped that, taught science in Venezuela for a number of years as an International Teacher, got married and started a family, got the clothing line going again and moved back to least that's how I understand it. Oh, he has a blog as well, but you'll find him more active on FaceBook these days than blogging.
We've been on the opposite side of more than one political "discsusion" but to both our credit, it hasn't kept us from respecting each other and keeping an open line of communication. I must say, Barin is one of the most honest guys out there and isn't too proud or egotistical to admit he doesn't have all the answers...although he's not above stirring the pot as well. 

In any case, we've been in cyberspace contact for about 8 years now and we figured with my trip to NM, Barin, or Mims as some call him, it was time to make it happen to meet and what better way than on a mountain bike ride, a subject we never disagree on.

Barin now lives in Cuba, NM which is in the north and with Alamogordo in the south, we decided to meet in Socorro and ride South Baldy. A trail Barin rode a few times when he went to the Tech School there over 20 years ago.

The trail head. We rode up the dirt road about 6 miles climbing around 3,000 feet.

Every draw had a name or number it seemed.


Looks like a memorial??? not really. Read the last paragraph of this.  Read more if it interests you.

Barin (in one of his shirts)....the camera didn't get the view of the valley behind him.

 Yep, we climbed up that.

Almost to the start.

A lot of "stuff" going on up there.

The observatory, zoomed in.....

not zoomed in.......

Where we got off the road and hit the single track.

The start.

Love the mountain Aspens.

Another NM shot, this from near Taos, on the South Boundary Trail I rode 5-6 years ago.

The trail was very narrow at times with loose rocks, steep technical sections. Neither of us crashed, but we did a lot of sliding and dabbing. I started out a bit tentative and backed off so Barin led. Once I got "warmed up" and wasn't afraid of locking up my brakes to hold my speed in check it went better.

I kept thinking about the $500 emergency room visit in Drigg, ID a few summers ago.

Narrow section.

At the top.

Barin knew all the flora...this is an alligator bark juniper.

 Remnants of an ancient ridge

The trail...narrow and sections very steep with loose rocks...some very sharp at times.

Barin negotiated a tight switch back. I dabbed 3/4 of the way through.

Where we dropped out on the dirt road...about 2 miles above where we parked.

Afterwards we hit a couple of Barin's old haunts:
Capital Bar in Socorro:
Owl Bar in San Antonia, NM of course:

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