Friday, September 3, 2010

Allegrippis Trails PA, Mountain Biking

Allegrippis Trails near Raystown Lake, PA. IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) designated EPIC trail, meaning they are pretty good. They were so good in fact, I never stopped long enough to take many pictures! But, there are plenty on the link.

It's a type of trail that suits my style of riding well. Fast downhills that are technical enough that they just can't be bombed. Corners and whoopty-woos that allow for fast but controlled riding. Short steep uphills that can be made with some hard pounding stomps on the pedals if one is able to keep the speed up and the 29er has the momentum to allow that very nicely. A trail that allows for nice recovery time, even if it's a few seconds between sections that then need some power pedaling to pop over.

I made the comment that I like this trail design as it seems there aren't any uphills and it seems that IMBA is making all the new trails in this way. Copper Harbor and the newer CAMBA trials along with a number of others I've been on in Fruita 18 Road and Kokopelli Loops in CO are similar. Now, there certainly are uphills, but not the grueling 2 mile ones that kill me.

These trails are made for mountain biking, not hike a bike jeep trails, ski trails, old hiking trails, donkey or cow trails, dirt bike trials, etc.
Made to repel water, they wind side-hill hugging the terrain with man-made short steep roller coaster bumps to keep things interesting.

Not only do I hold my own on these trials, I can manage a good lead pace once in awhile.

View from the Hydro trail.

Geordie getting all serious.
Jeff working out some stiffness.
Geordie after a front tire slid out on him. uummmm....dirt!
The bottom of Hydro Trail, Raystown Lake.
Jim (Spoke) from eastern PA joined us. The next 4 pics are from Jim.

Jeff pounding it out.
Jim with with a couple of his friends, Steve, Ed and Jim.

We stayed a great Farm House a couple miles from the trailhead.
I highly recommend it. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, fire pit, gas grill, full kitchen well stocked with utensils and cooking tools. Nice screened porch, etc. Checkout the link if you are planning on going there. Nice folks to deal with, as well.

Sunday morning it was only Jeff and I and I and I and I and...what the heck is going on here??
Jeff is also pretty good with a camera.
We put in a nice 2.5/3 hr. ride then we came back to the Farm House to shower and clean up the place with Lynn before we took off.

Leaving the Altoona/Hollidaysburg area heading south to Shanksville to see the 9/11 United 93 Memorial.

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