Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baseball 2010

3 more MLB parks visited in our quest to visit all the parks over the next few years.

Took a trip to OH and PA and picked up a few parks.
- Cleveland had the best view of the City incorporated into the stadium and the best downtown by the park.
- Pittsburgh had the best "all you can eat" selection...we won't be doing it anymore, though. We want to sample the BEST the park has to offer, not the WORST....the hot dogs looked (and tasted) like they were made a week or 2 ago in all 3 stadiums.
- Pittsburgh had the best pre-game jumbo-tron show
- Cincy seemed to have the better sound system

All 3 parks were clean with great views and very friendly folks both watching the games and those working.

Monument near the stadium depicting Civil War scenes.

Progressive (Insurance) Field, formerly Jacobs Field.
Didn't realize the son of my good friend was afraid of heights.
Hang on Abe!!
After a few beers, he was fine. His girlfriend didn't cut him much slack.

Oakland beat the Tribe.

Friends Geordie and Kelly joined us in Pittsburgh.
We started with a local favorite.
PNC is a bank.

The Pirates beat the Cardinals.

Great American is another Insurance company.

The Reds beat the Brewers.

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