Friday, September 3, 2010

Roth Rocks PA, Mountian Biking

Roth Rocks, Tussey Mountain trails, near State College, PA.
More so than the trails we did at Blue Knob, these are some major rocky trails. I understand there are some rockier trials a Blue Knob in a different section than we did, locally known as the Resort Trails. In any case, a day at Roth Rocks after Blue Knob was a work out.

Randy, from Normal, IL came out to join us. Randy is a very strong and technical rider who bombed the downhills and schooled us on the rocks.

Getting ready to rumble.
Pretty much solid rock riding for 2.5 hrs. Upper body work with the legs doing their part, as well.
Randy took the next 4 phots, good shots of what we were dealing with for 3 hrs.

Baby stuff on this trail, Geordie popping over.
Jeff had a couple pinch flats.
A feature off the trail.

Nice ridge run.
Taking pics of guys taking pics and eating blueberries.
Geordie coming up on a tree scrubbing off speed.....
Then picking himself and his mount out of the brush after crashing.......rookie!!
Damn! Empty! Some humor out on the trail, a tap with no keg!

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