Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Aspen Mountian Bike ride

Northern MN, Big Aspen Trail. All 2-track, but hey! any ride on a Friday driving home from work is good. Good work out as it has some steep hills with the down hills steep as well, go as fast as you dare.
25 years ago or so, when we lived near here, I used to take Chris, our oldest son, out grouse hunting on these trails, to this shelter. He'd just walk along behind me, trying to keep at 33 he's running 100 mile trail runs and ultra marathons.

Came around a corner a spooked a Pine Martin. He scooted up a balsam.

A newer shelter along the trail.
Swamp.....when I got back to the trial head a hiker was there and said he here a bull moose calling to a couple cows, that answered back. Rut time for these animals.
Swans on the pond.

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