Friday, September 3, 2010

Blue Knob PA, Mountain Biking

Went with friends Jeff and Geordie to ride Blue Knob mountain bike trails. Trail is near Altoona, PA.
Jeff did all kinds of reconnaissance work to make the ride as fun as possible a few weeks before. He's a master at planning a route and figuring out the best way to run the trail.
Not to mention a very strong rider, getting 5-8,000 miles a year or so in....on a mountain bike!
Jeff and I met 2 years ago on a similar ride in PA. This is only the 2nd time we've rode together. Jeff is from eastern PA.

On the flip side is my friend Geordie. We've known each other for 15 years or so. Geordie runs, swims and rides road bikes in triathlons. Also xc skis, runs marathons, trail runs, snowshoe races and God knows what all else!

This is the 2nd time Geordie has ridden a mtb in 2 years. Basically, the first and last time he rode one was the same ride 2 years ago that Jeff and I first met. You wouldn't know it as Geordie did a great job, especially on the uphills!

Geordie's first and BRAND NEW bike, all ready to get scratched up on the rocky trails. To his credit, he kept it that way.

Geordie is from the Altoona area, Hollidaysburg, to be exact.

Some nice armoring work done at this switchback.

Riders have been know to never come out of this woods.....just kidding, a deer skull someone mounted.

Looking for Santa? An abandoned hunting camp?
Always nice to have some refreshments at the end of the ride.

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