Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pitch Black Single Track

Labor Day Weekend Mountain Bike Race. WEMS (WI Endurance MountainBike Series) event.
I entered the 3 hr. solo starting at 8PM. Had some issues with the Gary Fisher bike again. Very similar issues as I had in PA with massive chain suck. Had to remover the chain the dark, although I had a light. The 2 shots below Jeff took in PA, but the same work needed to be done. Cost me a lap in the results as I didn't get in by the cut-off, 10 minutes late, but I still got my 3 laps in so I was happy. Came to ride, ride I did.

What's cool about this race, besides being a night race, is the start, finish and transition area is right under the deck from Heather's, a local bar who is very supportive of the mtb community.
Pics taken from Heathers deck.

Some of the winners the morning after.

One of the old timers.....Greg, who's just coming back from a bad motorcycle/deer collision injury that messed up his ankle. Greg's actually a young guy...compared to me.... and he constantly reminds me..6 months, oh wow!

Some comments from the winners of the 12 hr. solo event.
1st place
2nd place

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