Friday, September 3, 2010

Brown County IN, Mountain Biking

Brown County Park, IN. Well worth the trip.

Cabin where Lynn and bunked out for the night after our road trip from the Cincy game.
Early morning ride.
This is one of the entrances to the Extreme Loop. I guess if you can't make the entrance, you shouldn't go on the trail...I didn't make this loop. Would have been fun to at least see what it had to offer, but low on time in case there was too much by myself in case something would happen. Gives me a good reason to come back some day.
Once you get down to the tree above, you have to make a 90 degree right turn, see below.
Nothing I could have done.
Same trail entrance looking up from the bottom. It was a loop and the other end was more doable.
Tighter trail than Allegrippis, less margin of error if you get off the trail, but Allegrippis had longer downhill sections, had the big whoopty-dos/roller coaster ups and downs and was more wide open. Brown County makes you scrub off more speed.

Abe Martin Lodge, some folksy stuff from the 1930's.

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