Friday, August 21, 2009

Alaska nocturnal activities

Forgot to post this little story.

The second to last night we were in Ketchikan, staying in the Gilmore downtown, about 10:30 or so we started to hear a lot of loud voices outside in the street. We were on the top, 3rd floor. I split the window drapes and I could see a guy standing almost below us.
He was standing right across from a bar that is next door to the Gilmore, called the Totem. The totem was the only bar we were told to stay away from when we first came to town and we talked to the person at the Visitors Center. Seems it gets a little rowdy at times.
I had popped into the Totem earlier in the day, about 5PM. While there, I got the feeling you get when you know people are looking at you. A very friendly guy sitting at the bar next to me told me that the locals hang out there and they have been known to get a little feisty at times. I left after 1 beer.
So, back to the guy in the street. I couldn't totally understand what he was saying, so I opened the window. When I looked out, we weren't the only ones who wanted to get a better listen. People from 4-5 of the rooms had their heads sticking out their windows.
A few of the people were heckling the scene below. I just notice we looked like Hollywood Squares and spoke out "Circle Gets the Square" which brought a few laughs.

Seems the guy on the street got thrown out, either by the management or another patron and he was told not to return. The guy stood in the middle of the street yelling he could go and do whatever he wanted and anything he pleased. About that time another guy came bolting out from the bar and it looked like he meant business. As he raced toward the middle of the street, the first guy turned and ran, away from the Gilmore and the spectators down a side ally with a not so friendly looking guy on his heels.
Within seconds, 3 police cars came up on the scene.

Well, we thought, that was interesting. We had an uneventful night from then on.

The next morning, due to wifi issues on the 3rd floor, I was having a cup of coffee sitting at a table on the landing of the 2nd floor. They had a public PC there, as well, but I was using my laptop.
A couple guys in their mid to late 30's were online and talking about issues with an airplane.
After a bit I started talking to the guys and asked them what the issue was, curious because we were going to be flying out the next morning.

Seems these guys were from lower Michigan. One had a private plane license and they flew up to Alaska and like us, Ketchikan was their last stop before heading home. When they landed a day or so before, one of the engines stated making noise and they were basically waiting for local mechanics to take care of their airplane problems.

I asked them if they heard the ruckus the night before and they asked what time, I said 10:30 or so and they said no, as they had been out checking out the local bar scene.
I asked how that went and they told me that had gotten kicked out of 2 bars. The first because the boyfriend of a gal that wanted to play pool with them didn't like that idea. They were told BYOW (Bring Your Own Women) and were asked to leave the bar.
After a couple words were exchanged the 2 guys left. Seems after a bit the boyfriend, with backup, followed the 2 guys to the next bar and had them tossed out of there, as well.

The guys then told me that they came back to the Hotel and they had talked a couple gals to join them. That's when the fun started. Seems a couple hours into the "getting to know you" routine, they fell asleep and the gals took all their cash and snuck out of the room.

But, that wasn't enough, they stopped at the front desk and called the cops to report they got raped!
The guys were cleared of the rapes but weren't able to get their cash back.

Hope they made it home ok.

Later that evening, while talking to the hotel manager, she informed me that the night clerk, who she went to HS with and she knew well, wrote up a detailed, very professional report as they are sometimes used as a court document. On a separate sticky note he wrote:

"I know that gal, she does this kind of stuff all the time!"

The gays out number the gals 10 to 1 in Alaska. But, as the women say up there: "The odds are good, but the goods are odd"

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