Sunday, August 2, 2009

Juneau Day 2

After seeing 3 kayaks yesterday at Mendenhall Lake/Glacier, I knew what I had to do.....
Took off after my breakfast of smoked salmon mixed with cream-cheese on a bagel. Took a couple along for a snack, as well.
Long way off yet. A mile maybe?

The falls near the glacier.
Larger boat alongside a berg.
The nose of the glacier.

Pics of a guy that was part of the group that came out with me.

Ice from the piece that broke off across from me.
The nose from the right side after I landed.

The piece that broke off is from the left point with ice chunks from it in the water.
See the 3 people? Center top.
4 people on the rocks far lower left.

The nose straight on.
The nose from the left side of glacier.

Large erratic ready to drop in the water.

Looking back toward the visitors center, 2-3 miles away. At one time, in the 1930's, glacier ended where the center is now located.

A short way from our hotel was a bridge across the Gastineau Channel. A yacht, a sailboat and a group of 3 kayaks to the far left by the buoy tower.

Vids of the Mendenhall Glacier and Lake.

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