Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Juneau Day 3

Decided to climb to the Tram, which is on Mt. Roberts. One can pay $27 for an up and down ride or walk the 2-3 miles to the top and ride down. Supposed to be a nice view when the weather cooperates and the day was fair, so took off.
Lynn visited the State Capital and took a tour. Also, shopped and looked at some historical buildings along with the Gov. Mansion.

After all the food we've been eating and micro beer we've been drinking, mostly Alaskan Amber, which is brewed here in Juneau, I figured a decent walk was in order.
After the walk, Lynn and I hit the brewery for a tour, some (ok, many) samples and some purchases. OK, I've posted this site a couple times.
To be fair, I had this one at dinner. It was really good, as well.

To get to the trailhead one needs to walk up through town. Got out of the tourist district and came across this when I was passing a local residents house.
Found out he's a local artist. Went to his shop. He said he's invited a few folks into his house that notice his banner when walking by....no takers yet.
After a bit on the trail. Our hotel is the red building at the base of the bridge, just behind and left of the large (federal) building.
Western Hemlock, don't suspect the Hemlocks on my land will reach the size and height of these old growth trees any time soon.Getting heated up from the walk. This is a Stika Spruce old growth. Many of them around.
More views from the trail.
Top of a cruise ship and a float plane taking off.
Starting a sea level and climbed around 1600 feet in 2-3 miles. Nice walk.

At the top of the tram and the end of the trial up there were some totems carved into a few of the trees. Also, a nice theater that had a 20 minute film on the native Tlinget People. There is 2-3 miles more trial on top if one wants to walk some more.

They had this mature eagle there. It had been shot through the beak and a wing and when it hit the ground, it's left eye was damaged and it went blind in it.
Looking down as a tram car comes up.
I just walked on the down tram with the rest of the tourists as they loaded but I've been told they prefer to have you spend $5 in the gift shop and then ride down is "free".

Video on the way down the tram. A float plane lands by a sailboat. Decent view of part of Juneau.

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