Friday, August 28, 2009

Colorado Rockies Baseball

My wife and I met my nephew and his wife for a Rockies/Dodgers baseball day game at Coors Field.
Being BoSox fans, my wife didn't want to make anyone feel bad the the Sox beat the Rockies in 2007 for the World Series, so she wore a different cap that at times seems to get a bigger response:

Was a great day for a game, weather was perfect, so was the beer and the view. Should have taken a shot and tried to get the Front Range as it could be seen from our seats. Sweet view of the mountains as we relaxed at the game.
Photo copied from this article which talks about passing an ordinance not to block the view.
This worked out great as we got to see Manny....if you follow baseball you know who he is, for sure. My nephew scored us some great club level seats at 1/2 price each, so that was cool, as well.
Manny taking a mighty swing.
OK, Manny standing and his teammate running....Manny being Manny?... again??Proof that Manny can run.
And a pic of a bike, just wouldn't be complete without one...

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