Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day in Skagway

Arrived in Skagway at 9PM and got checked in to our B&B.
Walked around town and had a couple beers than went back to the B&B.
Staying 2 nights here with an early departure time in the AM after the 2nd night.

This is a real tourist setup, but still interesting. There is a couple nice museums and a salmon stream in town. Salmon were heading up and we saw some idiot in the creek grab a female and squish the eggs out of her while his group hooted and howled, all the while tooking pics. They weren't speaking English. A few minutes later we saw a local law enforcement person and reported it. She got on her radio and started down there. Hope she caught them. Guess Americans aren't the only tourists that act like fools when the go abroad.

These old gold rush towns have quite a history. Skagway was the main town folks came to get to get to the Yukon for the 1896 gold rush there. Sad to say, that by 1898, when word got out and Skagway was booming with folks heading there, it was 2 years 2 late and when they got to Dawson, all the land was claimed and most, if not all of these '98 prospectors, ended up working for someone else.

Present day, if it wasn't for the White Pass and Yukon Route, I don't think there would be much of a draw here.
It was worth it to go to Skagway, but it was also good we decided to spend only 1 full day there.
Most of the tourist traps involves Soapy Smith and the Red Onion.

Views from the WP & Y (another good web-site to learn about the area and WP & Y)
A train ahead of ours heading for a wood bridge/trestle.
Sawtooth Peak.

Glacial stream.
Crossing the border into Canada. Flags order, USA, Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon and Canada.
At the time this was built, it was claimed to be the highest cantilever RR bridge in the world, 215 feet high. Not used since 1969....
Which is good!

Old Rotary Snowplow, what they used to clear the tracks back then.

Sections of the 1898 trail still remain. Once the train tracks was completed in 1900, it was not used anymore.
Some bikes around town.

Humm...wonder what was going on here?
Yes, he rode back there.
Guess some guys have dogs, some have mtn. bikes they carry around.

Train videos.

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