Monday, August 17, 2009

Ketchikan Day 2

Raining hard today and foggy. All sightseeing flights to Misty Fjords are canceled. We hit all the museums and shops around town. Found some art we liked, a sculpture, actually, that we will compare other items against.

Checked out a few bars, as well. Liked the Gilmore the best and were we'll be spending 2 nights there, as well. Seemed to have a better than average menu, too.

Made the salmon for supper, as planned. Worked out well with enough to make an egg scrambler in the morning for breakfest.

Totems are big part of the history here. Lynn with "the Wolf" at a museum on totems.
Later on, the brothels were a big part of the history.
The Married Man's Trail was a back boardwalk that was used by the married men so as not to be seen by the public. Prostitution was legal in Ketchikan into the 1950's. One interesting article in a newspaper clipping was from the then mayor in the 1920's or 30's.
"It's hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones. They dress and paint themselves the same"
Watched kids do some fishing. Found out that none of the stores the locals shop at carry fresh or smoked fish. They can't sell it as the locals can catch and/or net so much they never buy any. Plenty of "tourist fish" though....and just as or more expensive as down here. I did find some local raw fish to buy but it had been flash frozen a day or so earlier.
Standing on the bridge over Ketchikan Creek fish were jumping all the time. They were just catching and releasing them.

Fish jumping.

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