Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the saddle

Got back from Alaska last week Tuesday evening.
Wednesday was near the Underdown Mountain Bike Trail for work and had to get back on the bike.

Broke the chain within 1/2 mile of the trailhead. The mosquitoes were so thick I decided to go back to the trialhead to fix it. I had forgotten my glasses and didn't want to have "issues" by not seeing well enough to break out the bad link and inserting a master all the while having all my blood sucked out of my body. 3 weeks in Alaska and not a skeeter, first day back in WI and they are thicker than tadpoles in a mud puddle.

1:45 later I finished.....note to self, don't pick one of the most technical and most demanding trails in WI to ride after taking off 3 weeks. MY ASS IS STILL KILLING ME!!!

Rode 3-4 time since, getting ready for this, assuming it is dry enough Saturday.
60 degress and raining hard in central WI today.

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