Tuesday, August 25, 2009

X-Gon...29er back on the prowl

Broken x-cal frame is gone, all parts got moved to a new Paragon frame, becoming a new x-gon.
Back on the prowl thanks to Bear, Garett and the crew at UPHill Grind.
The white fork fit nicely into the color scheme.


jim said...

Very nice...I've not been able to get out and ride. A bad headache, a swollen eye(possibly an infection in a tear duct) and the worst tooth ache in the history of forever has taken me off my game for a bit. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow. The dentist already looked at me and found nothing wrong.
So I logged in to comment on your white bike and ended up yammering about my own issues...
So what about the rubber lizard thingy? Has it not found a new home on this current snow bike?

mark scotch said...

lizard was a horn....the mount got smashed on a hard turn last summer when I slid out and slide across the trail...have the get it fixed and throw it on my Salsa.

snow bike, I like that.

MIKEY said...

Thanks for pimp'n the shop! Especially the pick of the Paragon w/ the shop logo through the main triangle.

Let me know if you have any issues with that FD. It was a bitch to set up and I didn't have time to test ride it (dammit!).

mark scotch said...

hey Mike,
took the x-gon right to The Farm from the shop and it all worked fine. Had a little adjustments on the shifters and brake levers but everything else worked great.
A little tightening on the head set after the ride, but that was expected.