Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ketchikan Day 1

We called our B&B host from the ferry dock about noon and got shuttled a little ways from downtown in a nice residential area. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in to our room as it had a kitchen. We decided to get some salmon steaks and make dinner for the next night.
We took a walk to the laundry....about a mile or so. Lynn did the laundry while I went grocery shopping then rejoined her. I missed an item or 2 and had to go back and afterwards slipped into the nearest bar, a real local haunt called the Potlatch, that is on pilings over the marina where the local fishermen moor their boats.

Compared to other larger towns, one can feel the difference in Ketchikan. No large University, no government, mostly fishermen, fish packing plants and what's left of the logging community. Sure, they have the 2-3 huge freakin' cruse ships coming in every day or so, but once you get outside the 4-5 blocks where all the "traps" are, Ketchikan seems like a normal town. Much more blue collar than Anchorage or Juneau.

Lynn joined me after doing the laundry, er... should I say she found me? and pulled me away from the bar and the conversation with a local who makes lead weights for down rigger fishing and we headed back to the B&B, in the rain.

The steps and steeps of Ketchikan are an every day task. I wouldn't want to have to drag groceries up those steps every day. Seems almost every house has steps to climb. I took some pics of the stairs connecting streets, but somehow I lost them. Instead of walking the switch backs of the few streets that take you up, once you get off the flats, there are stairs that connect the streets as they layer up the hillside to reduce the amount steps.

This house even has it's own totem, as many of them did, in all kinds of shapes and sizes and condition.Zoomed in front view of about 1/2 of it:
The weather forecast is for rain and drizzle.

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